Wintering - Long Term Rentals: Wintering in the tropics!

Welcome to the sri lanka for a long term stay. Warm weather year-round, friendly people, low prices, easy domestic and international travel, world-class medical care and great food: With these attributes it’s a wonder more people don’t decide to stay long-term in Sri Lanka.


Whether you’re a senior citizen or tourist, student or business man, our place is perfect for you. Are you interested in a long stay in the land of smiles for work, retirement, winter refuge, travel or study? Our guests stay for six to nine weeks, some 3 to 6 months. This is the real luxury of today to have time and space. To enjoy privacy and tranquility. Our houses are lovley decorated and Ayurveda-Wellness-Massages helps you to fall into the deepest dreams you can imagine. Spend your time among palm trees and do you like to be on the beach in the middle of January?

We look forward to you and help you to plan your "Winter Break" in the tropics and help you to run away from the uncomfortable cold season.
We will offer you a special price  for your long-term-stay. Just ask and we will help you!
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Contained performances:

All houses have air conditioning system in the bedrooms. In each house there is very fast Internet connection.(24 hours free), SatelliteTV and DVD player. Complete room service. If you like we offer you breakfast lunch and dinner for 18,- EUR per person.

Tell the cook what you want to eat next day. You decide what you want to eat, you don`t have to accept hotel foot. You can select between 2 large pools and in our Pavillion you can observe the animal world. You life in a tropical garden of 20.000 qm. On our 1.500 pm pont you can observe all the different kinds of birds the island offers.

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